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Aamer Khan Lodhi is a talented top-rated star in the field of freelancing at Upwork. He created innovative and productive work in a very short time by updating his skills and generating revenue potential. He is the best trainer of digital marketing and a source of motivation for newly joined freelancers at Upwork and exposes every aspect of education in freelancing and making people dependent. Here is a little review of his life.

Life of Aamer Khan

As Aamer has a good personality. He is an Aquarian born on February 10. Personalities born on February 10, are considered a strong sense of personal integrity and passion for hard work therefore he has reflection of his star on his personality..

Lodhi has been running a digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan named SERP Digital since 2017. He is leading a team of experts with fantastic control over SEO with Google’s updated rules and methods.

His journey to be a top-rated freelancer was not very easy. As he was passionate about his career, but it was not easy to cope with the rapid technological era. He accepts the new challenges of his life. His motto in life is Sacrifice, patience, and Hard work.

Family of Aamer Khan

Aamer has a loving family. His father and mother love him. Among his siblings he is considered the naughty boy. Aamer Khan married to Aneeqa Aamer Khan on November 6, 2020. He has a very cute daughter Ammal Khan. He often loves to spend time with his family in the evening, do routine gossip and enjoys spending time with his childhood friends.

Hobbies and passion

Aamer khan is very passionate about Cricket therefore it looks like cricket is in his blood. Because he loves cricket therefore every Friday he goes to play a cricket match with his friends. He constantly plays for different cricket clubs in Faisalabad. Nothing can replace cricket in his life. Besides a busy life routine, he always welcomes cricket matches with an open heart. If he was not a top-rated freelancer, he would be a top-rated cricket player.

Blog Journey

Aamer Khan has three well-reputed blogs with organic material and good traffic. Due to good knowledge of blogging, he tries to engage the audience with the latest news, innovations, technology, etc. Beginners can found good freelancing tips on hiss blog.

 He also wrote motivational stories on Ismail Blogger and Hisham Sarwar. Inspired by Hisham Sarwar he competes from beingguru to beingcounsellor. He has another blog on tourism. It is enriched with tourism tips, that’s why tourist must visit this blog before visiting Northern areas. However it brings the most updated and advanced informative blogs about Tourism, Travel, and Visits to Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Achievements in life

  • Top Rated freelancer since August 1, 2015
  • Started job at the National Freelancing Training Program on April 20, 2021, as a Content Marketing and Advertising trainer
  • Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan named SERP Digital
  • Turbo Fashion Brand Ambassador Factory since February 10, 2021

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