Pet Cats

Cats are small mammals, commonly known as domestic animals. Often in many contries people like pet cats in their home. As we know pet cats are social species having a flexible body, sharp teeth, and good eyesight. In the night due to good vision, that a cat’s eyes shine like a diamond. mostly considered that cats have a good sense of smell.

 Usually, pet cats are common in our homes and especially all around the world but in some countries like the USA, and the UK. People loves with pet cats, therefore they often like to spend time with cats as they have relaxing feelings about cats. here we will discuss high-demand cats and their breeds.

Best Pet Cats

Exotic Shorthair Cats

Probably Exotic Short Hair cat is a sign of a cross between the USA and Persians as a pet cats. This cat is the most popular and registered cat in the USA. Unlike Persians, it has short, thick, short hairs coated in dense style, which symbolizes that it doesn’t want daily grooming.

However Exotic cats are love birds as these cats show more affection to their owner. Among the indoor pets, Exotic is famous for its playful nature. Different colors are available from rainbow to solids. In the USA pet insurance policy matters a lot. According to this policy, pets are eligible for medical treatments, prescriptions, surgeries, and many more.

Ragdoll Cats

One of my favorite doll-like cats is the Ragdoll cat, often known as the puppy cat. She appears in soft look just like doll and friendly with humans, she likes the company of human beings. It learns tricks of playing and becomes easily trained like a dog. Moreover, She is very popular in all over the World, as she is so relaxing and soft that an owner can flop or sleep with it.

Ragdolls are potentially strong breed cats as they live a long and healthy life. it has fewer genetic defects. If you do routinely proper care it stays a long-life period. in case of any health issue consult your breeder.

Ragdoll Cats

Scottish Fold Cats

Owls like personality, affectionate and friendly cats which is most like in the USA. This breeding cat has been a trending cat in recent years. It has a friendly and entertaining nature. Taylor Swift’s one of the favorite cats with a lot of pictures on his social media account. The most interesting thing about it is its folded ears.

 Scottish folded cats born with folded ears, after three to four weeks of birth its ears start to fold. it may be the chance of straight ears in some cases. It’s all about the game of genes with mutations. Unlike other cats some health problems like Upset stomach, respiratory disease, and Diabetes are common in these cats, that’s why it needs a lot of health care treatments from time to time.

Bengal Cats

Mostly Bengal Cats is very everywhere in the world. it has resemblance to the tiger, it is the most intelligent breed among pet cats. Its large ears and green eyes enhance its personality.  It is the breed of Asian leopard cat with domestic cat.

Mostly It is water-loving and likes to drink water from the tap. We know that still Bengal Cats are sharp and intelligent. Therefore it always reads to learn tricks and repeat them just like dogs. Their learning and understanding are great due to breeding. Its skin is like glitter which makes it unique. Often it reflects as if it is a mini tiger.

Maine Coon Cats

As Maine Coon the highly energetic and intelligent cat breeds is an attention-seeking cat. It likes to stay with the owner and follow them from room to room. it has a pleasant low voice as if it is chipping. Most of the breeding cats behave like dogs.

 It has a large size and rugged appearance. with tufted ears and a bushy tail, it appears in a shaggy coat-like smoky look with shaded colors. Among the health issues, it has heart ventricle disease. It looks like its heart murmurs and is subject to sudden death.

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